Association Publications

The Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists (ASBS) offers three publications and links to the works of its members. The first publication is the Journal of Social and Behavioral Scientists.   The Association began to publish the journal in 1950.  It continues today as an interdisciplinary publication that is housed at Jackson State University.  Dr. Rhoda Grass Fulgham, Professor of Economics, serves as editor.  Contact information for the editor is provided below.  Additionally, journal governance is provided by a publications committee.  The group works in conjunction with the editor to establish guidelines for the selection of publication dates, reviewers, special focus issues, and other matters pertaining to the publication.
Journal Editor
R. Gail Grass Fulgham, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics
Department of Economics, Finance
   and General Business
College of Business
Jackson State University
1400 John R. Lynch Street
Post Office Box 17760
Jackson, Mississippi 39217
The second publication is the ASBS Newsletter.  This news vehicle began during the reign of J. Erroll Miller, a Lincoln University (Missouri) faculty member who served as Executive Secretary from 1954 to 1966.  The publication was suspended in 1969 and was not resurrected until 1979 when Marguerite Rogers Howie became Executive Secretary in 1978.  The ASBS Newsletter continues today with annual publications by the Executive Secretary.   Information and items for inclusion are provided in the request for newsletter articles.

The third publication is Preserving the Past and Sustaining the Future:  A Historical Review of the Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists.  This book, the Association's history, was published to commemorate its 75th Anniversary.  It is a result of that planning and serves a twofold purpose.  First, it provides an updated history of the Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists.  Second, it consolidates key events that were either produced or influenced by the Association from 1935 to 2010.