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Preserving the Past and

Sustaining the Future:

A Historical Review of

the Association of Social

and Behavioral Scientists

      During the 74th Annual Conference of the Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists, its Executive Committee  began plans for the organization’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration–a series of activities and events to commemorate the  75th Anniversary. The book, Preserving the Past and Sustaining the Future: A Historical Review of the Association of  Social and Behavioral Scientists, Inc., is a result of that planning with a twofold purpose. First, it provides an updated  history of the Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists. Second, the book’s publication consolidates key events  that were either produced or influenced by the Association from 1935 to 2010.

      The Quarterly Review of Higher Education Among Negroes contains papers presented at Association conferences  and minutes of business meetings for the first three decades of its existence. To date, various Association publications  have offered brief overviews and even detailed summaries of the founding and early years of the Association. One  such vehicle has been the Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences, which has recently been revived after having  experienced more than a decade of inconsistent publication. It affords replicable publishing opportunities for members  who present papers at Association conferences and for other scholars in the academy to submit research for  consideration. Periodically, ASBS Newsletters have provided highlights of key activities and events in the intervening  decades. Additionally, annual conference programs have introduced different versions of the Association’s history from  the program chair’s point of view. However, the Association has never produced that "one publication" containing a  consolidation of major and pertinent historical events.

     Thus, this book highlights the Association’s history of dedicated service. Additionally, it describes and reports on  major events, officials, and related personalities of the organization.  Copies of the book are available for $50 each  All  proceeds will be donated to the Association.  Interested persons should contact the author at the following address:

Mary B. Myles, Ph.D.

ASBS Gold Life Member 

135 Bedford Lane

Jackson, Mississippi 39206

1935 - 2010