ASBS Newsletter

Every effort will be continued to ensure that at leat one issue the ASBS Newsletter is published annually. Members interested in submitting items for inclusion are urged to do so in adherence to the following information request:


Articles should not exceed 500 words and should be submitted electronically (email) or on a disk (postal mail) in WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Publisher format.  The addresses are provide below.

Special Events

Submit a typed-summary of any special event that might be of interest to the membership. Such events as the publication of books, retirements, recognitions and awards, promotions, and relocations are solicited. Brief announcements of other events (i.e., births, marriages, deaths, etc.) may be included.


Photographs relating to any of the previously mentioned events may be submitted. Pictures taken during the annual conference may be submitted for publication consideration. For pictures, indicate such particulars as names of individuals, locations (sessions/events), dates, etc. If requested, photographs will be returned.

Submission Deadline

Submission dates for ASBS Newsletter information and materials are the first of August and January. The target release dates are October and March if two newsletter are published or March for one release. All submissions (articles, photos, announcements, etc.) should be sent to the Executive Secretary who serves as editor of the newsletter:

Doreen B. Hilton,  Ph.D  ~  Executive Secretary, ASBS ~  Fayetteville State University  -  Department of Psychology

1200 Murchison Road  -  Fayetteville, North Carolina 29301  - 

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Please use this Newsletter Submission Form to provide information to the Executive Secretay.