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The Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences (JSBS) seeks manuscripts of creative thought in the social and behavioral  science. The JSBS was founded in 1935 by the Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists. It is a referred Journal  published by the Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists, Inc.


A copy of the manuscript should be sent to Dr. Gail Fulgham at with a separate cover page  listing the (a) author(s) and their titles; (b) institutional affiliation; (c) the individual to whom all correspondence should be  directed (the contact person) and his/her complete mailing address and telephone and fax numbers; and (d) the paper  title. A 50-word abstract should be submitted which presents the principal or theoretical points of the manuscript. All  manuscripts are reviewed anonymously by referees from the Publisher's Committee. The paper must not be submitted  elsewhere while under review by the Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences.




When submitting manuscript for review, please mail your $50 submission fee to the address below. Checks should be  made payable to the Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists. A decision will be made on manuscripts acceptance no more than four (4) weeks from the date received (unless received during the summer session).



All manuscripts accepted should be submitted according to the Chicago Manual of Style 16th edition (Chicago: University  Press, 2010). Manuscript should include:


A. All Manuscript should be submitted in MS Words (Version 7.0 or higher).

B. Margins should be at least one inch on each side;

C. Manuscript should be typed using the Times New Roman font (12 point for main text, 14 point for major headings;

D. Footnotes must be neatly typed, single spaced at the bottom of the page using Times New Roman font (8 point);

E. A clean, original typewritten copy of tables, charts, figures, or graphs should be placed near the text materials and

    numbered; and

F. Manuscripts must not exceed 15 double-spaced typewritten pages of 8 1/2 x 11 inches (including tables, charts,

    graphs, etc.).


Send applicable submission fee(s) to:

Dr. R. Gail Grass Fulgham, Editor

Journal of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Economics, Finance and General Business

Jackson State University ~ P.O. Box 17760

Jackson, Mississippi 39217

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