Presentations will be evaluated on knowledge of topic, information/content, organization and creativity, delivery,  interaction with audience/eye contact, time management. A deadline date is established for the submissions of competitive papers.   Students are advised that they should be  submitted via electronic mail using Microsoft Word format.  Students submitting papers for competition MUST be registered and in attendance at the annual conference to  present the paper.   Awards for successful competitive submissions and presentations are as follows:

First Place - $100      Second Place - $75    Third Place - $50


Submissions should include the full paper, including title, abstract, text with tables and figures as appropriate, and a  reference list. Please provide a cover letter that includes the name of the paper’s author, local and permanent  addresses, telephone number, email address, and college or university name and department. Additionally, submissions  should include the name, title, address, telephone number, fax number, and an e-mail address of the undergraduate  student’s advisor(s) sponsoring the submission. Papers will be evaluated on the thesis question; content and  development; format and organization; grammar, punctuation, and spelling; and overall quality of research. All papers  will be assessed through Turnitin to  assure originality and lack of plagiarism.


The Theophilus E. McKinney Undergraduate Student Research Competition

Dr. Theophilus E. McKinney,  the Association’s founder, felt that undergraduate students should be trained to become professionals through a series of different avenues.  He used the Association to establish a student organization that afforded students  opportunities for participation. With the philosophy of Dr. McKinney in mind, the Association encourages continued participation and  recognizes the research accomplishments of undergraduate students through the Theophilus E. McKinney Undergraduate Student Research Competition.Thus, the initiative was named to honor Dr. McKinney.   Each year, during the spring conference, higher education institutions and interested agencies are requested to support  students' participation in the Theophilus E.  McKinney Undergraduate Student Research Competition.


The Association issues a “Call for Papers,” developed around the Conference theme, inviting undergraduate students  to  submit papers for presentation and judging in the competition. Undergraduate students who wish to present  papers  but not participate in the competition are also encouraged to participate. Established guidelines provide  details in the “Call for Papers" that addresses "Competitive"  and "Non-Competitive student papers.