The Charles U. Smith Junior Faculty Achievement  Award

The Charles U. Smith Junior Faculty Achievement Award was established by Dr. Smith  with the purpose of encouraging junior faculty members as they embark upon  careers in higher education and to extend appreciation to them for the scholastic  achievements and abilities that earned them positions in the academy. Dr. Smith is the  1973 recipient of the Association's prestigious W. E. B. DuBois Award. Additionally, he  served as President of the Association during the 1975-76 term.  Dr. Smith provided  exceptional leadership by chairing a number of committees and spearheading such  Association initiatives as the "Presidents Panel" and naming the endowment to honor its founder, "The Marguerite Howie Endowment Fund."

Dr. Smith has won more than 75 major awards. Two of them include the Martin Luther King Award and the DuBois-Johnson-Frazier Award. He is listed in 11 biographical directories, including Who’s Who in the South and the Southeast, Who’s Who Among Black Americans, and Who's Who in American Politics. Dr. Smith has lectured at more than 25 colleges and universities and served as a consultant for a variety of federal and state agencies. He is a member of 10 honor societies, including Alpha Kappa Delta. Dr. Smith is a member of six professional associations: ASA (American Sociological Association), SSS (Southern Sociologists Association), ASBS (Association of Social and Behavioral Scientists), MSSA (Mid Southern Sociological Association), and CHBGS (Council of Historically Black Graduate Schools).

Prior to retirement, Dr Charles U. Smith taught sociology, directed the Division of Social  and Behavioral Sciences, and directed Graduate Studies at Florida A&M University.  He  retired as the Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Former Dean of  Graduate Studies. Smith has more than 100 publications, including 14 books and 80  research articles about civil rights, race relations, student activism, desegregation, and  law and social behavior.