The Marguerite Rogers Howie Distinguished Service Award

The Marguerite Rogers Howie Distinguished Service Award was initiated to commemorate the  lengthy and outstanding service given to ASBS by Professor Marguerite Rogers Howie.  A  member of the organization for more than 40 years, Professor Howie served in several  administrative capacities.


 As a retiree, Professor Howie continued to serve the organization in an advisory capacity.  Thus, to honor the legacy  of Professor Howie, two designations were added to the Association in 2002.  First, the Association's Endowment  became the Marguerite Rogers Howie Endowment Fund.  Second, the Marguerite Rogers Howie Distinguished  Service Award was initiated and presented to its first recipient the following year.  This award is presented  annually to an ASBS member whose service models that of Professor Howie.  Award recipients, year, and location  received are as follows:


As an active member of the Association, Professor Howie served as Executive Secretary,  edited  the ASBS Newsletter, organized the Theophilus E. McKinney Undergraduate Student  Research Initiative, and spearheaded development of the ASBS Endowment.  Upon retirement,  Professor Howie was honored with the position of Executive Secretary Emeritus..


            Year                       Conference Location                 Award Recipient   

            2003                       Macon, Georgia                        Charles U. Smith

            2004                      Cleveland, Ohio                         Patricia McGill-Tillman

            2005                      Nashville, Tennessee                  Alton Hornsby Jr.

            2006                     Jackson, Mississippi                    Lena Wright Myers

            2007                     Atlanta, Georgia                        Melvin E. Walker Jr.

            2008                     Greensboro, North Carolina        Alton Thompson Thessalonia

                                                                                           Ford (Posthumously)

            2009                     Macon, Georgia                         John Moland Jr.

            2010                     Charlotte, North Carolina            Alton R. Kirk

            2011                     Jackson, Mississippi                    Ruth E. Dennis                     

            2012                     Nashville, Tennessee                  McKinley Alexander Jr.    

            2013                     Cincinnati, Ohio                         Mary B. Myles

            2014                     Atlanta, Georgia                        Delores P. Aldridge

            2015                     Fayetteville, North Carolina         James E. Jordan

            2016                     Jackson, Mississippi                  Thomas C. Calhoun

            2017                    Bossier City, Louisiana              Frances Staten